Renewing my education


It’s back to school for me this September!

After a mere 13 yr break I am returning to studying and will be heading to the Centre for Alternative Technology to join their Renewable Energy and the Built Environment course. In 2000 I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UMIST in Manchester. Having had a couple of uninspiring engineering jobs after university I lost interest in the field and decided to go travelling to take a break and explore the world a bit. When I returned I met a new group of friends and was offered a job working with a small construction company, which I enjoyed as it took me outside a lot. I eventually started up my own business and have been working in this area ever since.

Over the last couple of years I have become more and more interested in sustainability and green issues and particularly renewable energy. Most recently I have been working for an eco-building company called EcoVert solutions. The owner Tim Hulse is himself a graduate of the Architecture course at CAT. This has rekindled my passion for engineering, as I have finally found a branch of engineering that I can really get excited about and feel like I could make a difference to an important issue that is affecting the whole planet.

I’m slightly apprehensive about returning to study but excited at the same time and am really looking forward to learning more about renewable energy and getting hands-on with some of the kit at CAT!

Progress reports to follow!

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2 Responses to Renewing my education

  1. Rob Eagle says:

    Good on you Tom, go for it, sounds great!

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