EcoVert Solutions – sustainable and sympathetic developments

I recently met up with Tim Hulse from EcoVert solutions – a company that provides “House extensions, barn conversions and loft conversions which are in keeping with the original, and which, based on Passivhaus standards, go well beyond those built simply to current building standards in terms of energy saving and comfort”.

The company is less than a year old and is based in Chester so I asked Tim if we could meet up and discuss the possibility of me getting involved in his projects as I am keen to learn about sustainable building. The business also implement renewable energy tech where appropriate, and this is something I am also really interested in.

Tim invited me to the  “Home, Restoration and Salvage Show ” at Cheshire showground last weekend to catch up and have a look at some of the materials he uses in his developments. As we sheltered from the rain he gave me a run down of the products on display.

Tim Hulse – reluctant model

See the pictures below for some samples of the materials Tim uses in his developments. He has a clear passion for historic buildings and using appropriate materials in their restoration. It’s an approach I can appreciate and I look forward to following the progress of the company as it grows and (hopefully) getting involved myself.

Hemp chips, as used in hempcrete

Pavatex wood fibre board with lime render finish

Rainwater harvesting equipment

Samples from Ty-Mawr, suppliers of sustainable and traditional building materials





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