North south divide

Have reached a satisfying milestone this week in that the north Wales holiday cottage reviews are all complete, although I’m still not even halfway through the total, with south Wales having 5 more properties that the north. I am now working through the reviews at a much faster rate than when I started so hopefully the remainder won’t take as long.


Egryn Hall, near Barmouth, on the Welsh coast

Despite the poor weather I had a great time in snowdonia and Anglesey doing the final 4 properties and yet again they were some cottages with real character in remarkable locations. Pick of the bunch had to be egryn hall, which was renovated by the trust in the mid noughties. It is a house of two halves, with some beautiful medieval features and a newer Victorian addition with traditional parlour. It is a place of real personality and all credit to the people involved in restoring it, especially the woodwork in the medieval hall upstairs and the replica dining table. It would be a fantastic place to spend a holiday.


Restored woodwork in the medieval hall at Egryn

I now look forward to visiting south Wales, a part of the country I don’t know too well, and hopefully summer will have started by then!

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2 Responses to North south divide

  1. Keith Jones says:

    i think that Egryn is something special as well. Did you get a chance to see the waterwheel in the shed? great blog by the way. The timber for the repair came from Ganllwyd following a storm. The company who did the work were from Bethesda. Did you see the small carved rose on the underside of the cruck?

    • tomeeagle says:

      Cheers Keith, yeah I saw the rose, beautiful woodwork. Missed the waterwheel though, it was chucking it down so wasn’t in the mood for trawling around outside! Would love to go back and find out more about it, maybe chck out the Porsche tractor!

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