Green gadget

Staying at a friend’s flat in west Cumbria this weekend. As well as living there he is also responsible for managing the whole building and looking after the maintenance, etc. He has been looking for a solution to the problem of people leaving lights on in the communal areas, and found these low energy lightbulbs that also have a built in PIR movement sensor, which to me is an excellent innovation as it removes the need for rewiring a new light fitting, so an electrician is not needed and the bulb can be fitted by anybody. It got me thinking whether we could use these in some of the holiday cottages I have been evaluating for energy efficiency. They could be very useful in places that are used intermittently like utility rooms or storerooms, where lights may get left on accidentally. I wonder if there is an LED version out there somewhere for an even greater lifetime.


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4 Responses to Green gadget

  1. Keith Jones says:

    this is what i call cool and can see an application in my bathroom at home. there are aspects such as warm up time, warranty on the switch gear and colour rendition but the principal is superb because its simple

  2. Have you bought one of these? Do they work? What is the start up time like? Where can you get them?

    I have a sensor switch in a cupboard which is really good and does work well with a low energy bulb as long as long get one of the rapid start up ones. I haven’t quite sussed the different technology which results in different start up times, but the Bell spiral bulbs we have as incredibly good in this respect. Have a 25W Bell spiral in the dining room and it is very bright and almost full brightness straight away. The Sylvania Fast Start series are also not bad.

    • tomeeagle says:

      Haven’t bought one yet, just saw this one at my mate’s place. The start up was very quick and the light more natural than other low energy bulbs. it seemed perfect for the application in his corridor. I may get one for the garage or maybe the landing to check it out myself. Trying to track down the manufacturer website as I’m interested what the rated lifetime is.

      Thanks for your comments Duncan.

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