Off the beaten track and off the grid

This week I have completed another round of National Trust holiday cottage reviews in North Wales, and (most of the time) I have been lucky with the weather. Another 6 properties ticked of the list, and another 6 stunning locations (well five, as two are next door to each other).

Foel Gopyn cottage

The one that really caught my imagination was Foel Gopyn, which is located just near the village of Ysbyty Ifan. This cottage is completely detached from any mains connections – it has gas lighting and heating, supplied by gas bottles, it’s own water supply and settlement tank for waste water. It’s the only property I’ve visited so far that has no connection to the National Grid.

View from lounge window

It is a hilltop location which means that it is exposed to the wind, and a wind turbine could be very useful here. It is also surrounded by lots of open space, so there is potential for other types of renewable technology too. It’s a unique location and I’m excited to see how sustainable we can make this property – I wonder if it is possible to completely remove the need for gas bottles at this site?

Landscape around Foel Gopyn

These reviews have taken me to some magnificent locations around parts of Wales that I have previously just driven past without knowing of their existence. It makes me think why would you want to go on holiday abroad when we have this on our doorstep (then I remembered – oh yeah, the rain!!).

Rush hour in Wales

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