Renewables on the Llyn (bit delayed I know!)

Renewable technology

Since the introduction of the FIT is has been commonplace to see solar panels on the houses around the UK and I’ve found it unusual to go on a car journey without seeing at least one rooftop solar installation. So I was surprised to get a long way onto the llyn before I saw one. I noticed this installation on top of a cafe, with a newly built housing estate of around a dozen neighbouring.

Solar installation on Caffi Grug, with similar installations on neighbouring estate

After seeing this one, I started to see several more installations towards the western end of the peninsula.

I also came across just a couple of wind turbines – one working and one stationary. After visiting Mynydd Mawr at the end of the Llyn and experiencing the severe wind chill I was surprised not to see more turbines taking advantage of the strong winds in this area. I know that there is a consensus against wind turbines on Anglesey so maybe this is also the case on the Llyn? It seems a shame to me that people are not enthusiastic about using the natural resources that are available to them in abundance.

Wind turbine near Abersoch

Large turbine on the Llyn – sadly not turning

On the way home I stayed overnight in YHA Bryn Gwynant (they would do well to look at some energy efficiency measures themselves – massive single glazed windows with hurricane like draughts while radiators cranked up to the max) and met up with some friends the next day to walk up the Watkin path through Cwm Llan to the summit of Snowdon, past the site of the in-development 650kW hydro. The summit was heaving with literally every man and his dog and the cafe, which I’d never been into before was equally busy, so we didn’t hang around to long. When I told my friends of the plans to build the hydro there was a mixed reaction of ‘well it makes sense to do that with all this water’ and ‘it’s not going to spoil the view is it?’ The answer to the second point is no – the work will be carried out with the utmost sensitivity to the landscape and will be blended in to cause minimum impact. We all love this landscape as much as anyone and don’t want to see it damaged.

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2 Responses to Renewables on the Llyn (bit delayed I know!)

  1. Buddha bless says:

    The larger turbine is now working after sorting out the problems they initially had.

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