Wet, windy, warm weekend in Wales

Thought I’d share some pics from a great weekend spent on the Island of Anglesey. For the last few years my friends and I have been lucky enough to enjoy many trips here, staying in a family property near Trefor on the island. Sadly this was our last as the house is now up for sale, but we will have great memories of our stays on what is a beautiful and peaceful island.

On Saturday (the wet and windy bit) we ventured out in the rain to visit Lynas point on the far north east of the island. See http://pointlynaslighthouse.com/Point_Lynas_Lighthouse/Welcome.html. Probably the grandest looking lighthouse Ive ever seen!



On Sunday (the warm bit) I led the charge for a visit to Plas Newydd, to take advantage of the free entry weekend, but I was overruled by those wishing to go to the beach, so off we went to Llanddwyn Island, on the opposite corner of Anglesey. A much nicer day, we walked from the Newborough carpark along to the end of the island, and dipped our toes briefly in the sea.

It’s a shame that we won’t be back to visit quite so often but I’ll be returning at least once this summer to review Bryn Llewellyn and Tywyn cottages on the north of the island. And I’ll definitely stop in at Plas Newydd on the way!


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