Limboing cockroaches

The second of my projects for the NT environment team is to visit all of the holiday cottages in Wales to carry out energy efficiency audits and to suss out possible opportunities for renewables ( It’s a big job, but I’m looking forward to visiting some of the most beautiful parts of Wales, and NT properties around the country. The first site visited was Dyffryn Mymbyr farmhouse and cottage in Snowdonia.

It took me a while to find the place, but as you can see, it’s in a stunning location.

I’ll be looking at many aspects of the properties’, but it’s mainly the simple stuff like, in the words of Paul and Keith “can you limbo a cockroach under the front door?” I.e., are there draughts that can be plugged up and are there pipes that should be lagged, etc.

Now that's what I call a lintel!

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