Ecobuild 2012 “I want one of those!”

Ecobuild is a annual exhibition, which now takes place at ExCeL, London docklands after outgrowing its previous home, Earl’s Court.

While Keith and Paul went off in search of new gadgets and gizmos, I went my own way to have a good look round and see in the flesh some of the kit that they had been telling me about, in particular biomass systems, heat pumps and solar PV. I also spent some time in seminars on these topics, which was a good way to learn the basics of how these things work.


When I next met up with Keith and Paul, they told me of some of the products they had seen and were hoping to employ at some of the NT properties.

The solar trailer pictured above caught Keith’s eye, and I think got some cogs whirring in his mind as he asked me if I would be willing to go about putting one of these things together for the NT to take around various festivals including the Royal Welsh, and Hay festival. What a great way to promote the work the team has been doing, and also has the benefit of not having to rely on mains electricity when positioned in the middle of a field! We are currently waiting for go ahead budget-wise, but hopefully we’ll be hitting the road with this sucker in the next couple of months – watch this space…

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